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Hen’s Heroes

Just4Children are fundraising for on going therapy and equipment costs for Henry to lead as normal life as possible.

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Just4Children are fundraising for on going therapy and equipment costs for Henry to lead as normal  life as possible.

Henry is nearly 4 years old from Worcester and loves being outdoors, anything musical, dancing and being a big brother to his baby sister.

Sadly, Henry suffered a brain injury shortly before he was born. He was born via an emergency c section after attending maternity triage with reduced movements. During Henry’s birth they found he was unresponsive with knots in his umbilical cord which had prevented oxygen reaching his brain for the last part of pregnancy. He needed to be resuscitated and after several attempts began breathing, he spent time in the Neonatal unit to get his strength up where he had a rollercoaster journey. As a result of his brain injury he now has bilateral Cerebral Palsy which affects his whole body from making it difficult to stand up independently to trouble swallowing food. As part of his Cerebral Palsy he also has secondary diagnoses of both Dystonia and Epilepsy which he has to deal with every day.

In May 2023 we began a new therapy approach for Henry after he was struggling with more conventional techniques due to it being to difficult and uncomfortable. The new therapy is called Anat Baniel Method Neuro Movement or ABM for short. It is a gentle form of therapy that meets the child where they are at and ensures they are comfortable throughout. This worked really well for Henry with less tears and good results including improved posture which is essential for minimising the damages Cerebral Palsy causes his body and he became stronger at sitting independently which makes it easier for him to play and join in with friends. This therapy comes at a high cost and needs to be done regularly for maximum benefits and this is why it is important for us to fundraise to help Henry (Hen). Any additional funds will also go towards the equipment and home adaptions that Henry needs throughout his childhood to give him maximum opportunities.

Henry is very lucky to have family and friends who are willing to fundraise to help him so please follow along our journey.

Thank you.

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