Help us help Tiegan to continue her fight

Parents of a three-year old girl born prematurely with a brain injury are hoping to help her ‘overcome hurdles’ by raising money to fund treatment to aid her movement.

Tiegan Bird has cerebral palsy due to being delivered at 27 weeks, and as a result needs assistance to walk and confidently move her muscles.

After trying different options for physio treatment, her parents, Catherine and Gavin Bird, decided to fundraise to cover her next round of treatment.

The couple from Wey Road, Berinsfield, are hoping to continue taking their daughter to Footsteps, a private centre near Wallingford that offers intense physio sessions for £825 for one hour per day over three weeks.

Tiegan’s treatment is due to be increased to two hours per day to allow her to learn to use a new piece of equipment raising the cost to £1,650 for the three-week period.

Catherine said: “We have already noticed a dramatic improvement in Tiegan. Before the first three-week session, she was able to sit, but could not lift her hands from the floor or look up due to the exertion and concentration in keeping herself upright.”

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