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Help Shauney Walk Unaided

Just4Children needs your support to help Shauney have SDR surgery which she so desperately needs.

My name is Shauney. I am 22 years old from Morecambe. I suffer from cerebral palsy that affects my lower limbs. I live with my mum and dad who help me with day to day life.

Myself and my twin sister Hollie are the best of friends. Our dream is for me to be able to walk along side her without discomfort or breathlessness and do things together that we currently cannot do as cerebral palsy restricts my movement.

Every day life is a challenge as just walking to the shops across the road with my crutches is challenging. This simple walk can sometimes feel like a marathon as I am having to work much harder than an able bodied person.

Unfortunately when it was time for us to start High School I could not go to the same as she did as they couldn’t accommodate my needs. I went to a school a few miles away, but while there I was badly bullied day after day just because I was different. It really started to affect my self-confidence.

It then became so bad I considered taking my own life but there was something stopping me and that was the love and support of my family. Then we made the decision to take me out of that school and send me to a specialist school.

As I grew older the harder it is to walk. I have been told if I don’t have this operation soon I will end up in a wheelchair permanently. This is devastating news to me and my family. I just want to be independent like everyone else my age. It would break my heart if I had to rely on people all the time to do things for me. I just want to be an independent young woman.

I need a life changing operation called SDR that is not available on the NHS but is performed in the UK by a few hospitals. This operation will cost £45,000 including intensive physiotherapy afterwards for up to 2 years. I have recently been told I will be one of the first at my age to be operated on here in the UK.

This operation could change my life for the better as I would be able to walk unaided and along side my twin sister without pain.

Thank you for your support.

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