Help make walking unaided a dream come true

The family of a boy with cerebral palsy have launched a campaign to raise £80,000 to fulfil his dream to walk. Two-year-old Sonny Hamilton from Broadfield was born 29 weeks premature and as a result has four limb cerebral palsy. This mean he cannot sit, walk or stand on his own.

As a determined little boy that does not stop him trying and so mum, Katie Finkle, has teamed up with the charity Just4Children to help her raise the cash to fund a vital operation. Katie said: “He has recently got a walker for children and he is getting used to that, but it’s still really restrictive. “They are strapped round his legs and he cannot bend down. It causes a great deal of frustration for him. “£80,000 would fund a major operation in the spine to do with the nerves and tendons which relate to the legs. For Sonny to have this operation will change his whole life. He will be able to walk. As a mother that’s all you want. It’s all he wants to do.”

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To donate towards the operation text SONN64 £5 to 70070 or go to