Help Jay

I’m Shilpa and Jay is my beautiful, loving little boy. He’s five and has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy following a lack of oxygen shortly after birth, caused by a punctured lung.

This means that Jay has no use of his legs and very little movement in his hands. He was also registered blind three years ago, aged just two years old.

However, we have been offered a wonderful opportunity to give Jay a better life and this is why I’m here asking for donations. A ground-breaking study at Dukes University in America using sibling cord blood stem cell therapy could potentially give Jay more movement and even help his sight. It involves using stem cells from his 11-month-old brother Kairav.

Similar treatment has already helped other children and having more movement (perhaps even to be able to sit up and play with his brother) would improve the quality of Jay’s short life so much. It may even be able to help with his sight since his difficulties here are due to a poor blood flow between his optic nerve and brain.

Like any mother I just want the best for my son and I believe this treatment is it. That’s why I would be over-the-moon if I could achievethe target of £105,000 to fund Jay’s treatment. This breaks down into 40 weeks a year of rehabilitation care for Medek Therapy treatment here in London, his visits six times a year to the Polish rehabilitation centre and the Duke University Treatment.

Any help for Jay would be very gratefully received.

Thank you!