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Just4children are raising funds to be able to provide Isabella with much needed ongoing therapy and specialist equipment.

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Just4children are raising funds to be able to provide Isabella with much needed ongoing therapy and specialist equipment. 

Due to Isabella’s complex needs therapy is a very important part of her rehabilitation to try to help progress and improve her mobility and strength.

Isabella is aged 5 from Brentwood in Essex.

When Isabella was born we spent the first five weeks of her life in NICU, where I discovered that Isabella had suffered a baby stroke which had affected her right side of her body and her total mobility. At 13 weeks old I found out that the cause of Isabella’s baby stroke was a very rare chromosome disorder called 8p Duplication and Deletion. 

This dual diagnosis has impacted Isabella’s life immensely and, as a result of this, she now battles with cerebral palsy, hypotonia (muscle weakness) unsafe feeding and swallowing, reoccurring chest infections, global developmental delay and she is unable to walk and communicate as you and I would. 

This diagnosis does not define Isabella, but what it does do, it makes her life that much harder for everyday things that you and I take for granted. Which is why I am fundraising for Just4children to help Isabella have the best chance to access all therapies she needs to become even more stronger and have chance to be the best version of herself which only private therapies offer. 

As a parent when you are told your child has a disability and one that will impact them greatly and that the prognosis was unknown, it literally turned my life upside down, grieving for the child that Isabella was supposed to be and accepting her condition and having to leave my job and become a 24/7 full time carer.  So from that point on I switched on to fight mode which is why I battle every day to give Isabella to best that life can give her.

Funds are needed to give Isabella weekly physiotherapy, CME therapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy. These therapies offer Isabella the greatest chance to improve her mobility, strength, cognitive awareness and help her muscles not to be in pain.

Isabella is happiest of little girls. She is a joy to be around, so loving and contented in her own little special world, she touches everyone she meets and greets with the biggest of smiles. 

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