Help Giedrius walk

Hello, my name is Gied and I am 7 years old from Dublin, Ireland. Due to a difficult birth I had a bleed on the brain, starving part of the brain of oxygen. I have been diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. This means I can’t sit unaided, use my right arm and walk.

But, I am a very happy boy, always smiling. I am talking every day with more and more words. I also like singing and would love to be able to dance.

With help of the Adeli method of treatment and physiotherapy for four weeks, I will have a better feeling in my legs which would improve my movement and sitting. And, it would be the beginning of my better life.

The intensive rehabilitation treatment lasts either two, three or four weeks based on the diagnosis. It takes place six days a week, and four to five hours per day, and is carried out by a team of physiotherapists, manual doctors, nurses and other specialists.