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Just4Children are wanting to raise funds for adapted rooms and a special water respite break for Elmo.

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Just4Children are wanting to raise funds for adapted rooms and a special water respite break for Elmo

Elmo is a seven-year-old little treasure, and our absolute hero. He has spent more time in hospital in his life so far than some people will in their entire lives. Although he has come very far from where he started, we are fundraising for Just4Children to try and provide him with the things to support him with his daily challenges and give him a little happiness as he deserves.

Elmo (Elliot) was born 6 weeks prematurely, and initially appeared perfectly healthy. He was a beautiful baby boy, but sadly his blood sugars became so dangerously low in the hours after his birth that he suffered a brain injury. He spent the first month of his little life in intensive care, and due to his poor muscle tone, he subsequently spent many months in an out of intensive care and having to be ventilated due to severe respiratory infections. Many times, in the first year of his life we were unsure if he would survive, as we were informed by Elliot’s neurologist that it was unlikely he would see his first birthday. 

At 7, Elliot is both mentally and physically disabled. He needs one to one support for most of his daily activities. Elliot is unable to step into a bath and needs specialist adapted equipment so he can do the simple task of washing – what so many take for granted. Elliot is too heavy to be lifted in and out of a shower or bath, so we are raising funds for a specially adapted bathroom. Elliot loves water and loves the feeling of being washed but without a specialist bathroom, wash time is very traumatic. We are also looking to fund a specialist therapy room – a room just for him and where he can go to carry out his physio, and speech and language therapy. We hope to make this special space a positive experience and one that will help with his sensory issues. 

This is nothing more in life than Elliot loves than water – he loves to swim and spend time in pool where he feels weightless. If we raise enough funds we would like to fund a special break away at Centre Parcs for him to enjoy. 

Our Elmo is a joyful little chap who brings light and happiness to all those around him, especially his big brother Oliver! We know his journey will be difficult and we brace ourselves daily for an emotional rollercoaster of a ride through life with him, but please know one thing – every penny donated to his cause will be gratefully received and no matter how much, it will change the life of our gorgeous little man in a great way, forever.

Eliot is a gift to us. So, let us give him something back in return!

Let’s make for this extraordinary little boy a life as close to extraordinary as we can!

Thank you for reading our story

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