Go Team Elmo fundraising campaign gathers pace

Elliot Michelson, nicknamed Elmo, has been the subject of a hugely popular fundraising campaign, Go Team Elmo

The 22-month-old suffers from visual impairment and delayed development, and has to undergo weekly therapy in Colchester, plus occupational, speech and language, and CME therapies.

However, as fundraising by the family and community continues, two breakthroughs have come about.

Elliot’s mum Sophie said: “Thanks to all the support we’ve received up to now, not only have we been able to keep up with all those therapies, but we’ve purchased a Mollii suit – Elmo wears that for an hour every other day.

“The suit has in-built electrical stimulation to target certain muscle groups and helps develop the pathways between the muscles and the brain.

“We hope that the suit will help improve his muscle tone and body awareness.”

Not only that, but Elliot will also be attending a private centre in Vigevano, near Milan, which specialises in rehabilitation of children with acquired brain injuries.

For two weeks, four times across the coming year, he will undergo intense treatment using a device called an Adeli suit.

Sophie added: “It’s hard to believe Elmo will be turning two years old soon – it has been an incredibly challenging journey so far and although things are certainly looking more positive than we first thought, there is still such a long road ahead of us.”

Meanwhile, fundraising continues apace with Elmo’s Ball taking place on Saturday at the Radisson Blu hotel in Stansted.

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