Girl who just wants to play with her twin sister needs £75,000 operation in America

Little Daisy Roberts is desperate for the life-changing op but her parents need to raise a huge amount of money because it is not provided on the NHS.

A little girl who desperately wants to walk so she can play with her twin sister needs to travel to America for a life-changing operation.

Little Daisy Roberts wants to be able to run around and play with her twin sister Poppy but her condition means she will need complicated surgery if she is ever to walk.

The youngster from Patchway lives with mum Carrie, her big brother, three older sisters and twin sister Poppy. Daisy is bright, happy and, like every three-year-old, she’s learning new things every day. However, Daisy can’t walk.

Daisy and Poppy were born slightly prematurely at 36 weeks, in 2014. Daisy developed normally for the first few months of her life but at around 5 months, her mum started to notice differences between the twins.

As Poppy stated moving around Carrie saw Daisy couldn’t sit, and didn’t l Recently, aged three, Daisy was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, affecting both her legs.

Carrie said: “Daisy is a happy, determined little girl that just wants to learn to walk so she can join in, dance and have fun with her brother and sisters.

“The frustration is beginning to show with her, as she grows up and realises her limitations. She so desperately wants to walk but her legs just won’t let her.”

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