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George’s Journeyy

We are raising funds for George to have intense physio therapy at the Bobath Centre in London. He may well benefit from brain cell transplantation and SDR surgery as well sometime in the future.

George is from Worksop in Notts and was born in July 2018 at just 23 weeks 6 days gestation with a survival rate of just 25-30%.

During labour we were refused any monitors because George wasn’t 24 weeks gestation. He had no viability, meaning if he did stop breathing at any point there would be no medical intervention. We went through a long 4 days of labour not knowing the outcome, and knowing that if he did not make it, we would not be allowed a birth or death certificate or to bury our own child.

Against the odds George arrived feisty as ever, weighing 700 grams and was put on a life support machine.

At 6 days old George developed NEC which is a disease in the bowel. My tiny little baby was transferred to hospital for emergency surgery. During the surgery the surgeon accidentally cut into George’s liver causing him to bleed out. He was given an emergency stoma and numerous blood transfusions.

We were told that George was not going to make it. He had lost too much blood and his body and was beginning to shut down. It didn’t seem real or fair this was happening. The week before he was inside me, perfect and safe! My baby boy hadn’t even opened his eyes yet and seen his mummy or daddy.

George’s infection marker was up so high the medical staff had never seen anyone survive it. But as hours passed whilst we were waiting for George to be baptised he began to show slight improvement. He was still fighting!

George is here – and he made it!

However, following George’s surgery he was left with no movement in his arms and legs. A mri scan showed that 75% of George’s cerebellum (a part of the brain that is responsible for balance and co ordination) was severely damaged.

George already has received 7 surgery procedures – bowel, eye, treatment for meningitis – and soon for his heart.

George has proved everyone wrong and gone against everything the professionals know and I believe he is going to carry on doing that. I believe with the right help George will thrive, but early intervention is key.

Thank you

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