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Florence’s Flourishing Future

Just4Children are raising funds to give Florence access to specialist therapies, equipment and adaptive toys to support her development and independence.
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Florence’s Flourishing Future

Florence will be 3 years old this year, and is from Wrexham. She was born with a very rare genetic condition called Trisomy 8 mosaicism syndrome (T8M) and a rare brain condition called Agenesis of the corpus callosum (ACC).

In her short life this has caused her many complications. She has been diagnosed with scoliosis, low muscle tone, hearing and vision impairments, and that’s just a few.

Florence has a low immune system and poor swallow system this is why it’s important that we get her stronger!

In spite of all she has dealt with, Florence is strong willed, determined, Sassy, happy and has the most contagious smile.

As a family we are hugely grateful for all the donations so far. This helps us continue Florence’s private therapy. She has regular physio therapy, hydrotherapy and hippotherapy. Florence will be attending intensive physio packages in this country and abroad these next couple of years and that’s all down to your generosity!

Please continue to donate to Just4Children and help our gorgeous girl improve her quality of life & strive for an independent future.

Diolch yn fawr xx

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