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Finding Elliott’s Feet

Just4Children are fundraising to support Elliott's medical needs with therapy and specialist equipment.
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Finding Elliott’s Feet

Just4Children are fundraising to support Elliott’s medical needs with therapy and specialist equipment.

Elliott is aged 9 from Newton Abbot in Devon. He was born prematurely at 31 weeks in 2013 along with his twin sister Elsie and spent 5 weeks in N.i.c.u.

At around 9 months old we noticed Elliott was not hitting any milestones. A few months later our worst fears were confirmed. Elliott has brain damage from lack of oxygen due to being premature resulting in spastic diplegic cerebral palsy. This affects both of his legs causing severe stiffness making him unable to sit unaided or walk.

We successfully raised the funds for Elliott to have an operation called SDR (selective dorsal rhizotomy) which was not available on the NHS for Elliott’s level of Cerebral Palsy.

Although this operation has helped him greatly, he still faces a lot of issue, he has developed scoliosis from poor fitting equipment and is due to have his second hip operation as due to not weight baring enough his hip has come out of his socket once again, leaving him with two very different length legs which is making it very difficult for him to walk or stand.

Any money raised will enable Elliott to have any equipment he needs that the NHS are unable to provide for him and to pay for the intensive private physiotherapy required to help build his strength up as he grows and help to manage his Cerebral Palsy.

Elliott is a happy determined boy who is desperate to walk along side his twin sister, siblings and friends. Please help us in our journey to make our little boy’s dream come true.

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