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Felix’s Future Therapy

Felix has an undiagnosed progressive neurological condition and cannot currently sit unaided, crawl or walk. We need your help to get Felix moving.

Felix is from Harrogate and was born 10 days past his due date with a normal delivery. Nothing was evident at birth of the problems he now has.

Felix slumped in every chair he sat in, he never made any of the milestones and no one could explain why. We had test after test, MRI’s, lumbar punctures, muscle biopsies. We saw a paediatrician, neurologist, physio, OT, speech and language, dietician, geneticist, growth specialist and no one had a clue.

Felix doesn’t fit into any box. He has had 3 MRI’s and the results show only he has a life-limiting condition. He has low tone in his trunk which means he is floppy and high tone in his arms and legs meaning they are very stiff. Felix also has dysarthria and epilepsy.

We have enjoyed huge success in the past with intensive physiotherapy and Felix has now learnt to be able to sit independently. Walking with a frame is next on our list. We also need the input of a private speech therapist to retain the speech Felix has as it has deteriorated.

Please help us.

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