Family of Staplehurst girl hope to raise £60,000 for American operation

The family of a toddler from Staplehurst in Kent who needs to travel to America for an operation to help her walk are hoping to raise £60,000.

Brave tot Eliana Timpson, two-and-a-half, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 18 months old and is on the waiting list to undergo life-changing treatment in at an American hospital in St Louis next March.

But the operation, Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy, is not currently available on the NHS to children as young as Eliana, and she will need physiotherapy for a year after the surgery.

Her mum Cath said: “With family pledges we have got about £45,000 but with the exchange rate crash we may have more to raise. We need £60,000 to go ahead with the operation but there is on-going physio which we estimate at another £25,000 although the NHS maybe able to help out.”

“Eliana was too young to have the operation as part of the NHS trial but it is questionable whether she would have met their criteria. Time is of the essence – spasticity increases with time and we found she was showing it in her right leg as well as her left leg. One of her legs is not growing properly. I don’t want to wait around until she is five or six to find out the NHS is not bringing the operation back.”

“We are on the waiting list for March 2017 but we hope it could happen sooner.”

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