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Ezzy’s Wish to Walk

Just4Children need to raise funds to help Ezzy have further rehabilitation so that she can play with her friends and walk all by herself.

My name is Ezzy. I live in Bristol and I was born 11 weeks early weighing a tiny 3lb. I was born premature as a result of my mummy having kidney failure.

I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. This is a brain Injury and affects my ability to be independent. I cannot walk or use my left arm fully. This can cause me to be very tired and sometimes have pain. I cannot do what my friends can do. My family was told I would never walk or live an independent life.

Mummy and Daddy did lots of research and found a special surgery called SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy) but this wasn’t available on the NHS. This surgery would give me a chance to walk and lead an independent life. The surgery would be followed by lots of rehabilitation therapies to help gain strength in my unused muscles to help me learn to walk and use my body to be independent.

We successfully raised the funds needed to have the surgery which I had my surgery in Sep 2017 in America. It was very successful and I began to take my first ever independent steps at 3 years old, just 3 months after the surgery. Unfortunately, over the next 12 months during my rehabilitation my calf muscle began to grow abnormally and we needed another surgical intervention, or I would lose what new independence I had gained.

We returned to America in June 2019 to sort out my left calf muscle and we are so pleased it was successful.

I am now 6 years old and I am firmly on my journey to living an independent life.

To continue to make progress I need to teach my body to walk and to use muscles it never has used before. My brain has to talk to my body to allow it to walk and be independent. All these things are so very hard because of my disabilities. I have many specialist therapy sessions to help me including physiotherapy and hippotherapy (disabled horse riding) as well as hydrotherapy language therapy and strength therapy. I also need a special frame to get around and special things on my legs called splints to keep me upright like scaffolding. These need to be replaced when I grow as well as therapy equipment to help me.

Unfortunately, all these things are not provided by the NHS so we need to fundraise for Just4Children so I can have access to my much-needed therapy sessions helping make my wish to walk come true and one day run and play with my friends and walk all by myself.

If you can help me in any way with any offer of fundraising or donations towards my ongoing rehabilitation this would be amazing.

I love life & I LOVE Horses. They are my favourite thing in the whole world. I am funny, cheeky and I like to sing and dance. Mummy loves my red curly long hair. I think I look just like Disney’s Mereda from Brave. Mummy says I am brave and strong and beautiful just like Merada and I can do anything I want in life and I am going to try my very best to get their hopefully with your help.

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