Extraordinary Families!

7Wonder productions an award winning production company based in London are developing a new television project for a major UK broadcaster looking for different families that make up Britain.

We are hoping to produce a warm, celebratory documentary series providing a snapshot of families living across Britain. We are keen to include a family who are living with multiple disabilities or illnesses (mental and/or physical) living in the UK. Tonally we are looking to create something similar to the “Undateables”, whereby families are treated with sensitivity and warmth, while highlighting and raising awareness of what it is like to live with a range of different conditions. As with the acclaimed Channel 4 series, they will explore and challenge some of the issues and barriers faced. We are not looking to make anything voyeuristic or sensational. Instead we want to feature a cross section of families from all over Britain. 

 Ideally we would be able to find families where several members are experiencing the same or similar conditions though we would also love to hear from families where members are living with differing conditions.

Email: familycasting@7wonder.co.uk