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Elsa’s Journey

Just4Children are fundraising to help with the costs of Elsa’s therapy and equipment. We want to give her the best chance of a strong, independent, pain-free future.

Elsa is aged 4 from Warrington. She was born suddenly at 35 weeks after contracting Listeria Sepsis. After needing ventilation and a few weeks in NICU, we left hospital with our beautiful baby girl to complete our family of four. As Elsa grew, she failed to meet her milestones and at age 3, after an MRI scan, she was diagnosed with PVL (damage to the brain) which led to her having Cerebral Palsy.

Shortly after her third birthday Elsa took her first independent, wobbly steps. Now Elsa has turned four and started school. Our next goals are to help her master climbing stairs, running, jumping and walking longer distances. To help her achieve this, a regular physio and activity plan is absolutely crucial. We’re fundraising for Just4Children to help cover the costs of her various therapies and for equipment to allow us to carry out her physio programme at home.

Elsa is such a bright, chatty and fun-loving little girl.  Her determination and bravery amazes us!

Please help her to do the things we all take for granted.

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