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A campaign to raise funds for life changing SDR surgery

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"4 months is incredibly admirable! If you've got this far were sure the rest will be easy 😘"
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"I couldn't give up chocs for 4 days good luck! Michael & Lawrence xx"
£20.00 from Michael Manford
"What a lovely thing you are doing :-)"
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"What a wonderful thing to do for someone else! Just another reason why you are so fab! Good luck!"
£5.00 from Natalie, Ian and Oliver xx
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"Go Helen Go!"
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"Good for you Hels! Amazing cause and even more amazing willpower!! Xxx"
£5.00 from Hannah and Tom L
"You can and will do this Helen! Well done. "
£20.00 from Donna Shewry
"THANK YOU. From all of us but especially Eliana. X"
£20.00 from Catherine

A campaign to raise funds for life changing SDR surgery

Eliana is aged 2 from Staplehurst in Kent. Our little darling was born prematurely and suffered brain damage. This has caused a visual impairment and Diplegic Cerebral Palsy.

Eliana has now been accepted for a spinal cord operation called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy. It is a spinal cord operation that could eliminate the spasticity in her legs. It’s not available on the NHS and our best hope is to have the operation in St Louis, USA.

Eliana will also require intensive physiotherapy for a year after the operation. Families like us are fundraising all over the country. We just want to give our kids the best chance of living a full life.

Please help us on our journey. SDR changes lives.

Just a few days before Eliana departs for her operation, we are over the moon to have achieved what originally seemed like an impossible target. Thank you to everyone who’s given time, money and support to the campaign. With the launch of Somewhere Only We Know sung by the children at Saint Ronan’s School this week, we see an opportunity to help many other children, like Eliana, who may not be eligible for SDR surgery in the UK. Every penny we raise from this point forward can go to help other children in need of this operation.