Eadie’s Wishes….

To raise money to pay for treatment and therapy for Eadie who has complex needs and help her learning journey so that she can hopefully walk, talk and play with her siblings.

My name is Eadie and I was born in May 2016 along with my twin sister called Lucy. I also have a big brother called Tom who makes me laugh a lot. I live in Staffordshire with my two mummies.

When I was a few weeks old one of my mummies realised that I was different to my twin sister and told the doctor who referred me to a Development Clinic. When I was about 4 months old I started seeing a paediatric physiotherapist to try and make me stronger because I have something called hypotonia which makes me feel all floppy.

Whilst seeing the doctor at the Development Clinic he also used a big word ‘Microcephaly’ which is just a term for ‘small head’ but this means that my brain is smaller than it should be and is developing differently to my sisters.

When I was 8 months old I started to have seizures which is when my mummies were also told that I have something called ‘epilepsy’.  Although I have tried different medicines to try and stop me having seizures it has not worked and I can have lots of them in a day and they make me very tired and sleepy.

Although I have all these different things going on in my life my mummies tell me that I have the biggest belly laugh they have ever heard and that I am determined. At the moment I cannot walk or talk but recently I have been trying really, really hard and I can now sit up on my own, I can roll over and recently I have just managed to get up ready to crawl and I have started to get a lot more vocal and started shouting in my own way.

I have had some genetic tests done but they have not found out why I am different to my sister. My mummies desperately want to help me learn to walk and talk and to help me do this they will be taking me to different clinics to help me on my journey so that I can play with my twin sister and big brother.

Thank you for your support.

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