Duncan’s 6 Peaks Challenge

I caught up with an old friend from school last year through Facebook. I hadn’t spoken to him or seen him in over twenty years. At school I remember him being a good friend.  He was a skilled academic and also a great runner nearly always beating me at the hundred yard dash and leaving me way behind in the cross country.

I then found out about his son, Jacob. He had been born prematurely at 32 weeks and at 18 months was diagnosed with Spastic Dialogic Cerebral Palsy affecting both legs. This means his legs get very stiff and he can’t walk. The money needed is £75,000 to go to America for an SDR operation after which he needs two years of intensive physiotherapy. This is not available on the NHS.

I am going to do the Yorkshire Three Peaks on one day which is a 25 mile hike over 3 mountains in Yorkshire then drive up to Scotland a couple of days later and do the three national peaks over three days. It’s over three days as I have to drive myself! Ben Nevis, Scarfell and Snowdon here I come!

Every little helps.  Please donate here and help Jacob walk.  Thank you.