Buengo is an app that allows people to sell the stuff they don’t need anymore and donate the proceeds to Just Helping Children.


How it works


Sellers post things they want to sell in the app. Clothes, furniture, gadgets – anything – it’s all good.
Then they select Just Helping Children
When someone buys something they pay in the app and the money gets transferred directly to Just Helping Children. Easy.

Download the App now

If you’re a Seller…

…and you’re looking to recover some breathing space in your home, then selling things on Buengo is the best way for you to feel good about the things you sell.

Give your stuff a happy new home, avoid landfill, and at the same time support the causes you care about.

It’s a great way to contribute without dipping into your pocket.


If you’re a Buyer…

…and you’re looking online to bag a bargain, then you’re in the right place.

On Buengo sellers don’t receive a penny themselves, so you can be sure the person you’re buying from is there for the best reasons possible.

The money they raise goes straight to Just Helping Children, so you get a great deal and also help those who need it most.