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To raise funds to enable Dolly's family home to be adapted to meet her needs and keep her safe and improve her quality of life.

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To raise funds to enable Dolly’s family home to be adapted to meet her needs and keep her safe and improve her quality of life.

Dolly Wood is aged 3 from Stonehouse in Gloucestershire. She was born 11 weeks premature on 23/08/2018 weighing 850g. Dolly did not have an easy journey in the Neonatal intensive care like lots of premature babies but on the 23rd December 2018, after 117 days in two different hospitals, Dolly was allowed home!

She had some liver abnormalities that needed watching and was on a tiny amount of oxygen but other than that she was doing well. Unfortunately, 4 days after being at home Dolly caught a cold and was struggling to breath so she was admitted back to hospital. The next day she was unfortunately sent home and only 12 hours later Dolly stopped breathing at home. She was grey and completely lifeless for 12 minutes until the ambulance crew arrived. We later found out she had sepsis and both lungs had collapsed. This event caused Dolly to suffer significant brain damage. She was very close to death and spent another 5 months in hospital before, against all odds – being well enough to come home again.

Dolly’s brain damage means she is developmentally about 9-12 months old. She can crawl and is so happy but she now has lifelong needs and cerebral palsy. She also continues to have liver issues and will likely need a transplant in the future. Our consultants have said that Dolly needs to be upstairs with us for safety and medical reasons. The grants team agreed to a first floor extension above our existing garage, namely a wet room and a through floor lift. BUT, the work needed cannot be achieved for £30,000 which is the maximum grant available and we don’t qualify for any additional funding, so we somehow need to find upwards of another £30,000 to complete the build that suits her needs.

Any fundraising help or donations for Dolly’s needs is HUGELY appreciated.

From our fragile hearts to yours.

Thank you xxx

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