Daisy’s Dream to Walk

We need to raise £75,000 for life changing spinal surgery for our beautiful 3 year old daughter who has Cerebral Palsy. This surgery will help Daisy to walk and improve her quality of life. 

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"KCGS Tour supports you with pleasure. Great work and well done"
£26.25 from Brian Wheeler
"From the very Generous Bristol Public who lined the streets and supported us through the gruelling Bristol Half Marathon and donated in to our buckets!!"
£150.58 from Rich Wheeler
"Well done Lee & team"
£15.75 from Louise Evans
"Well done"
£10.50 from Damian Vicary
£21.00 from Claire Clements
"Well done guys. For all that you have done and all that you have planned 🙏🏻"
£31.50 from Neil Patterson
"Great cause. Well done guys x"
£21.00 from Sarah Palmer
"Good luck guys"
£21.00 from Anna James
"Good luck lee and all others taking part .... fantastic cause and will be a great achievement."
£21.00 from Sarah Flanagan
"Raised by staff at the Bristol Office of Integral UK by holding a mufty day"
£100.17 from John Maggs
"Looking forward to share the pain with the team at the Bristol Half this Sunday for a special girl called Daisy."
£40.00 from Mike Collin
"Good luck to Chris Hillcock and all the team running on Saturday xx"
£10.50 from Alison Davis
"Great cause and a tough challenge #WorthyCharity - good luck lads!"
£10.00 from Karim Cosslett, Cardiff Refs
"You all do such good work, firefighters are renowned for good charity events. Love you all. Gerry Prescott. X"
£10.50 from Geraldine Prescott
"Money raised by Avon Fire Recruits following ladder climb at Cabot Circus on 21/07/18."
£2,084.77 from Ian Hughes
"Great work for a great cause"
£10.00 from Sam Walker
£10.50 from Evelyn Rees
"Good luck Kate and team"
£20.00 from Mike & T
"Great challenge for an excellent cause. Good luck everybody."
£20.00 from Wendy Rogers
"Good luck Ben"
£21.00 from Anette Hall
£10.50 from Anthony Rogers
£10.50 from Philip Smith
"From HQ for Clare and Kelly's 10k"
£73.50 from Kelly Vince
"Every mile of the half marathon was worth it to help beautiful Daisy x"
£50.00 from Lee Troake
"What you and the other Firefighters have done for Daisy is monumental! An amazing effort by you all."
£21.00 from Michael Ponter
"Well done to everyone who has run, rowed and cycled their way to such a great total so far!"
£20.00 from James Bladon
"Well done guys!"
£10.50 from Alison Worthington
"Well done everyone you were all great!"
£5.25 from Jacqueline Hallett
"A memorable ladder run with the team on the Bristol 10k. The public support was deafening! 1 hour 23.33 from start to finish."
£259.41 from Mike Collin
"This is following Lee Troaks fantastic sponsored half Marathon in aid of Daisy"
£10.50 from Kevin Denford
"Well done all!!! Such a great effort for a brilliant cause."
£10.50 from Vicky Williams-Lock
£12.60 from Debra Bear
"Brilliant work"
£10.50 from Genevieve Cronin
"My donation is in the name of Louisa Roger & Jon Goodey.Well done love Gordon & Izxx"
£20.00 from Isabel Trent
"You were only just behind me in the 10 K today in full kit!! So impressed"
£10.50 from Louisa Roger
"Well done to you all on completing the Bristol 10k today."
£21.00 from Jane and Rob Wilton
"So inspirational... what an incredible thing to do for such a brilliant cause. Running with all that kit!! Well done every one. X"
£10.50 from Laura Mitchell-miles
"Pleased to support those great guys in their worthy quest."
£31.50 from Frank Wilton
"Saw you on the Bristol 10k today. You are very impressive and inspiring! Thank you for doing a good thing!"
£21.00 from Anonymous
£10.50 from Hayley Collin
"I ran the first bit of the 10k next to your team today - you’re amazing to get round! Well done and good luck!"
£31.50 from Jen Robinson-Slater
£5.25 from Emily Keen
"You can do it wrighty."
£10.00 from Laura Gill
"Well done guys!"
£10.50 from Kev Quartley
"Good luck"
£21.00 from Dave Hillcock
"Good luck Chris"
£10.50 from Marion Hillcock
"Good luck Chris, great cause xx"
£10.50 from Alison Davis
"Go Bristol Firefighters for Just4Children"
£10.00 from The Wrights
"Contribution from Isobel for Jon Goodey and Louisa Roger in Bristol 10k run"
£21.00 from Anonymous

We need to raise £75,000 for life changing spinal surgery for our beautiful 3 year old daughter from Bristol who has Cerebral Palsy. This surgery will help Daisy to walk and improve her quality of life.

Daisy is a lovely, funny girl arriving into this world several weeks early and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. This causes tightness in her legs making walking difficult, climbing the stairs even harder and running impossible.

Daisy has a twin sister Poppy and is frustrated she can’t do the things she does.

There isn’t a cure for Cerebral Palsy, but there is life changing surgery called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) which Daisy has been referred for. SDR is the only surgical procedure that will permanently reduce or eliminate the tightness that causes Daisy to stumble and fall on a daily basis. The operation, which involves cutting some of the damaged nerves in the lower spine, isn’t available on the NHS and so to give Daisy the best possible chance of independence we need to raise £75,000 for Just4Children.

This will cover the operation and the intensive two year post op physiotherapy. Our wish for Daisy is to see her playing with her friends and having a more normal life.