Daisy takes centre stage on Secret Lives of 5 Year Olds

The latest experiment from The Secret Life of Five Year Olds brings in the incredible Daisy Mason – the first child in a wheelchair to be featured.

The Norfolk youngster was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, so she can’t control her muscles, she can’t walk or sit up unaided, but that doesn’t stop her from taking part in the Channel 4 series which follows five year olds as they play and interact.

Her mother Lucy vowed that she wouldn’t let anything hold her daughter back, encouraging her daughter to appear: ‘I do hope it will raise awareness for disabled children and it will also raise awareness for parents not to hold their children back for anything.

“That it doesn’t matter what your child looks like or how tall they are or whether they have a disability or not they have a right to be a child and that’s that. Don’t hold them back.”

Lucy and her husband Adam, who had Daisy via IVF, wanted to see where their daughter fit in with her peers and how they would react to seeing someone in a wheelchair.

Daisy joins the other youngsters in the classroom and in the playground as they manoeuvre their new setting and the challenges it can bring being a disabled youngster.

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