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Cuthbert Can

Just4Children are helping Cuthbert overcome the problems caused by a profound neuromuscular disability. He is currently unable to sit, stand, walk, talk, and swallow, but with your help #CuthbertCan.

Hi, I’m Cuthbert, a bright, lively, and determined 3 year old from East London. I have an undiagnosed neurological disorder but I won’t let it stop me from getting the best out of life. Whether that’s learning to sit on my own, stand, walk, swallow, or just working out how to use the TV remote!

I’ve been lucky to meet some great therapists. From physiotherapy to horse riding, they each get me closer to the independence that will unlock more of what the world has to offer.

It would help me so much, too, if I had some of my own specialist equipment and adaptions around my house. The NHS can’t provide these for me and, although Mummy and Daddy give me as much pocket money as they can, I can’t afford all of the things I need.

Please support Just4Children and their fundraising goals to help me develop.


Cuthbert x

By helping Just4Children raise funds for Cuthbert you’ll massively improve our son’s quality of life. Thank you for reading. With your help #CuthbertCan.

Peter and Felicity

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