CP and Me – Archie’s Story

Please help Just4Children raise funds for a life changing operation and post op therapiesfor Archie to improve the quality of his life.

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"Good luck Dee!!! Hope Archie gets his operation. xx Sarah"
£10.00 from Sarah Rowley

Archie is a 7 year old boy from Southampton. He was born extremely premature at 26 weeks weighing just 1lb 7oz. The doctors told us he had a 50% chance of survival.

During his 114 days in hospital he had a very gruelling time and became very poorly while he also had emergency major bowel surgery to save his life.

At 3 years old we began to notice things were not quite right. An MRI scan confirmed Archie had brain damage and he had cerebral palsy. After everything this was upsetting not knowing Archie’s future.

Archie suffers with spasticity, tight muscles in his legs. This affects his balance, co-ordination, dressing himself, use of stairs, pain and many other things. Archie will be having pioneering surgery SDR at Great Ormand Street Hospital in December 2019 to eliminate spasticity and give him a pain free life and stop his condition from getting any worse.

This surgery comes with intense rehabilitation. Our NHS area are unable to provide the full Amount needed. We are fundraising for Just4Children to give him the best aftercare for as long as possible.

We would be so grateful to anyone wanting to help better Archie’s life.

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