Yasmin’s Freedom Wheels

Just4Children want to raise funds to purchase Yasmin a powered wheelchair. This will increase Yasmin’s independence and allow her to socialise with her friends. She will also be able to come on family walks and explore the countryside. 

Yasmin is aged 7 from St Columb in Cornwall. She was born with Spina Bifida. The diagnosis was made at our 20 week scan when I found out my little girl would have a life changing disability. Our world was turned upside down with no idea how we were going to cope. 

7 years later and numerous corrective surgeries, Yasmin is the most amazing little girl, who tries her hardest to overcome all lives obstacles the best she can. She never questions her disability while she just continues to amaze us daily. 

Yasmin is a fulltime wheelchair user, and does brilliantly in her self propelling chair but she is really struggling with fatigue. This powered chair will enable Yasmin to become more independent and be able to keep up socially with her friends. Yasmin loves to join family walks and this chair will only make this better. Yasmin gets tired easily so this powered chair will help reduce her tiredness.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and thank you for your support.It means so much to the family and Yasmin. X 

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