Midge’s Scoliosis Journey

Just4Children hope to raise monies to fund Midge's scoliosis surgery.

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"Saw Imogen’s story on Granada reports tonight. Really hope you raise the money you need for your surgery. I have scoliosis and kyphosis and wore a body brace as a teenager. Your so so brave x"
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Just4Children hope to raise monies to fund Midge’s scoliosis surgery.

Our beautiful daughter Midge (Imogen) is 14 from Rossendale in Lancashire. She was diagnosed with Scoliosis when she was ten and since then has had two spinal braces in order to control and stabilise her curve.

She has managed to keep wearing the brace but the curve is still at 44 degrees which is significant due to the fact that women with scoliosis tend to find that their curves progress with hormonal changes throughout their lives meaning that despite having little growth left, Midge is likely to still eventually need fusion surgery unless we step in now with preventative action.

Here in the UK the only option currently available on the NHS is fusion surgery which involves inserting spinal rods down the length of her spine. For Midge being only 14 it would have life-long implications, impacting her mobility meaning her range of movement would be severely impacted. She also has a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which means that the fusion surgery for her would be much riskier than for other children due to its impact on healing, high chance of blood loss and “open” surgery through a large incision on the back.

There is an alternative surgery available and we are so grateful to have found a world leading surgeon in Istanbul who has agreed to accept Midge as a candidate. Vertebral Body Tethering or VBT is done via keyhole or microendoscopic surgery and does not involve fusing her spine, has a quicker recovery time and will leave her spine flexible, therefore enabling her to continue to do everything she does now and more because she will hopefully have less pain and with a straighter spine, greater range of movement. The cost of this surgery is not covered by the NHS.

Midge just wants to live like a normal teenager, but she is often unable to do normal things such as meeting her friends, sport or even going to the cinema due to pain and tiredness.

Time is of the essence for Midge since this procedure relies on the spine having flexibility, growth potential and the curve cannot be too big. Midge’s curve is currently at approx. 44 degrees, but it is progressing all the time. We therefore hope to travel to Istanbul in September for Midge to have the operation with Dr Alanay.

Please help us give our daughter her childhood back.

Please give generously. Every little helps!

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