Keep Caitlin cheerleading!

Just4Children are trying to raise £75,000 for life changing scoliosis spine surgery for Caitlin so that she can continue competitive cheerleading, dance and all the things she loves.

Our beautiful daughter Caitlin is 16 years old from Norwich. She has been involved in dance since she was very small and she is in an all-star competitive international cheerleading team. These activities are her world.

6 months ago Caitlin was diagnosed with idiopathic Scoliosis, curvature of the spine. In Dec 2019 it was confirmed that Caitlin’s scoliosis was severe and that she would need surgery on her spine. We were told in this same appointment that she has a double ‘S’ curve and that meant that a vast amount of her spine would need to be fused with a metal rod and screws, in a very invasive surgery, losing most of her flexibility and leaving her only able to bend at the hips.

Seeing my child so devastated at the prospect of how her life would change and how she would have her hobbies and passions taken away from her was heart-breaking. It was made very clear that there is 100% risk for further progression in the curves in Caitlin’s spine. Significant curvature of the spine can also put increased pressure on the heart and lungs. I decided straight away that there must be something more I could do to help my daughter.

Through amazing support groups on Facebook, I discovered that in America and some parts of Europe there is an alternative surgery available called Non-Fusion Anterior Scoliosis Correction (ASC). The main advantage of this surgery is that it preserves spinal flexibility and Caitlin would be able to continue all the things she loves.

In Feb 2020 we had a consultation in Barcelona at Centro Medico Teknon with Dr Olaverri, an amazing spinal surgeon. He has confirmed that Caitlin is an ideal candidate for ASC and needs the surgery this year. As well as being incredibly scared at the prospect of major spinal surgery we are just so happy and relieved that with this surgery our beautiful girl will then be able to lead the rest of her life as she chooses, which with her cheerleading background is usually upside down!

We want to say a huge, heartfelt thank you in advance for your support.

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