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Please help Just4Children raise much needed funds for intense physiotherapy with specialist equipment to support Heidi-Lous future to live pain free.

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Please help Just4Children raise much needed funds for intense physiotherapy with specialist equipment to support Heidi-Lou’s future to live pain free.

Hello, my name is Heidi-Lou. I am 8 years old from Swinton near Salford. I’m a happy little girl. Everyone says I have a funny personality and love to be around me. I was also born at 37 weeks when my mummy couldn’t feel me moving. When I was 13 months old my family were told that I had suffered brain damage caused by lack of oxygen before my birth. I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. I am also profoundly deaf and have epilepsy.

Quad CP means that all of my limbs are affected. The muscles in my arms and legs can get very tight and often cause me lots of pain. I work very hard doing physiotherapy and stretches to help loosen my muscles while I wear splints on my legs and also wear a Lycra suit to help support my posture.

I am not able to do the things most other children my age can do. I can not sit independently, nor roll over or wiggle my toes. I am solely dependent on my parents to get me dressed, brush my teeth and put on my own shoes. I want to do what my two brothers and other children my age can do, like play in the park, jump in a puddle, ride a bike and just generally being able to move around independently. To be able to stand and walk would be all my dreams come true.  

My mummy says that on 20th October 20 I’m going into Manchester Children’s Hospital to have double hip reconstruction, as due to my CP my hips have dislocated. I’m going to be put to sleep and spend a massive 6 to 8 weeks in a spica cast. Once I’m out of my cast I’m going to need intensive therapy, to help build my strength. Due to Covid 19 some therapy I’d of been entitled to through the NHS isn’t available meaning I’m going to miss out on the vital support after my surgery.

The only way to make me stronger is by having regular, intensive therapy with specialist equipment, most of which can not be accessed via the NHS.

Please help Just4Children raise some much needed funds for my future therapy and equipment. Help me live pain free and be the happy girl that I that I just love to be. Love Heidi-Lou

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