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Just4Children need your help to raise funds for Matheus who needs surgery, therapies and specialist treatments to give him a better quality of life.

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Just4Children need your help to raise funds for Matheus who needs therapies and specialist treatments to give him a better quality of life.

We are a family of four from Godmanchester in Cambridgeshire. We have a thirteen-year-old daughter called Isabelle and a nine-year-old son called Matheus.

Matheus was diagnosed with Bilateral Spastic Cerebral Palsy at birth. He was born suddenly at 27 weeks gestation and taken away from us to the neonatal intensive care unit where he stayed for 3 months. He has a type of brain damage called Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL) which was caused due to his premature birth. Matheus´ Cerebral Palsy has his balance and coordination affected making simple things harder for him. Matheus is not able to sit, stand, feed, do basics needs or walk independently.

Matheus was blessed when he had an opportunity to have the SDR in 2016. But unfortunately, due to some difficulties and gaps, a percentage of his improvements gained after surgeries were simply lost and needed to start to be worked out from zero again.

Matheus currently has physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and horse riding at school to help with his condition.

Last month Matheus received a diagnosis that his feet do have a flattened arch that can compromise his functional needs. He will need to have surgery with Dr Dobbs who performed his hamstring surgery in St. Louis Children Hospital in 2016. For this, we will need funds for the surgery, subsequent physiotherapy, travel, and accommodation.

In parallel we are looking for intensive therapies to address muscle weakness that is present and guarantee Matheus keeping his progress. In order to do that, there is an Intensive Multidisciplinary Therapy program in Brazil and Poland, an Intensive Physiotherapy blocked weeks at SDRehab in Wales, and a swim intensive therapy in Lanzarote that can help Matheus to improve and maintain his quality of life and to develop his abilities.

He wears splints to help keep his feet flat to the floor, wheelchair, standing frame and uses a ‘Grillo Walker’ frame to practice walking to allow him to move around.

Matheus is the most determined, funny, cheeky, messy and loving nine years old you could ever meet. When he falls over, he gets straight back up and tries again with a huge smile on her face. Matheus has been through such a lot in his short life already but he always is ready to move forward. We couldn’t be more proud of him.

None of these therapies and the surgery are funded by NHS. However, Matheus proved he can gain huge improvements when he is doing these therapies regularly. And the surgery on his feet will help him to achieve more milestones avoiding causing any damages in his spine. All of this can promote him a better quality of life, including self-esteem, and the ability to do activities with more independence.

The money we raise will go towards the costs of the surgery and therapies, travel, accommodation, and the equipment Matheus will require for her rehabilitation.

Our family’s dream is to see Matheus doing the simple things in life that are often taken for granted – walking into school on his first day, playing in the park with his sister, playing football, move around the house.

Thank you for reading our story. Every donation takes us one step closer to getting the independence that can help change Matheus´s life forever.

Love Matheus, Cristine, Isabelle and Ricardo

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