Erin – Our Hero

Just4Children are fundraising to give Erin aged 3 from Hale in Cheshire every opportunity to reach her potential.

Wednesday 13th July 2016 was the best yet toughest day of our lives… The best day because we became a Mummy and Daddy to our gorgeous little girl, Erin. Yet the toughest day because Erin wasn’t breathing when she was born….

Erin was starved of oxygen and this caused damage to several parts of Erin’s brain and left with a condition called Cerebral Palsy (CP). Erin has been impacted physically and struggles with muscle co-ordination in all four of her limbs and has what they call mixed tone.

Mixed tone is a bit of a stinker. In short it means that either Erin’s muscles are overactive (high tone) or underactive (low tone). As a result, as of today, Erin can’t sit, crawl or walk unaided. She is also what they term non-verbal, although Erin does communicate well through her personality and eyes as well as her sophisticated eye gaze technology.

As parents, we help Erin with physiotherapy on a daily basis at home, swim with her three times a week (which she loves) and come up with daily physical challenges to encourage muscle memory.  In addition, Erin has regular speech and language therapy, hydro-therapy, physio and we are starting to explore myofunctional therapy and hippotherapy (horse-riding therapy) both of which have proven benefits.

Erin is the most determined, clever and resilient little girl who is getting stronger and showing improvements. We are both committed to doing multiple fundraising efforts for Just4Children in order to ensure that we can fund all of the possible treatments available.

In the first half of 2020 you will find us doing the 3peak challenge and a mammoth golf day.

Thank you so much for any support you give, to allow Erin the best chance to reach her potential. We’re also so thankful for all of you who champion Erin every day.

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