Daisy’s Dainty Steps

Just4Children need your help to raise funds for Daisy to receive physiotherapy and mobility equipment to help her realise her huge potential.

Daisy is aged 5 from West Yorkshire. Daisy wants to be independent just like her twin sister.

Daisy was born prematurely in 2015 and after a few weeks in intensive care she came home with Poppy, her twin sister. It was only when Daisy started to miss milestones, such as sitting up, rolling and crawling that we thought there might be a problem. Just after Daisy’s first birthday she was diagnosed with asymmetric quadriplegic cerebral palsy, which was heart breaking for our family.

Just like any other little girl, Daisy loves playing, but because of her condition she relies on everything being within reach. She is unable to move herself around and relies on others to get her favourite toys off the shelf or arts and craft things from the cupboard.

At heart, Daisy is an outdoor girl. Some of her favourite things include getting in the back pack and going for a walk or being pulled along in her bike trailer.

Now that Daisy is getting a little older, she is starting to see that she can’t do the same things as her sister or classmates, like playing in the garden, building dens and riding a bike. At the moment this is out of reach for Daisy, but we are determined these things will not be out of reach for the rest of her life.

Our dream for Daisy is that she can become more independent, have greater mobility and a better quality of life. To help achieve this we self-funded SDR surgery in December 2018, but to maximise the benefit of this procedure Daisy requires lots of physiotherapy and help from trained professionals. We’re raising money for Just4Children to help cover the additional costs of physiotherapy and mobility equipment as this support is not available through our local NHS.

Getting Daisy a trike is high on our wish list. Not only will this help strengthen her muscles, but it will give her a sense of freedom she currently doesn’t have. Imagine the thrill of riding away when all you know is dependence on others.

Any donations towards Daisy’s journey to independence are massive, and every penny that is generously donated will be invested in improving Daisy’s quality of life.

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