Alexa’s Wish to Walk

Just4Children needs your support to help Alexa reach her goal of walking to give her the independence she wants so badly.

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Just4Children needs your support to help Alexa reach her goal of walking to give her the independence she wants so badly.

Alexa, aged 9 from Cumbernauld was born like any other child, perfectly healthy and beautiful. She wasn’t meeting milestones at age 1 and when other children were playing with toys, starting to walk independently and move freely, Alexa was struggling to coordinate functionally and her gross motor skills were behind. However, she was so determined and after her diagnosis of rett syndrome at age 18 months, she worked so hard daily to reach milestones and finally walked with support using a baby walker. Rett syndrome is a severe neurological movement disorder with similarities to cerebral palsy.

Thereafter, she continued with limited mobility but at age 6 she encountered terrible traumatic seizures after a head accident resulting in 7 months lying in a hospital bed. Sadly, epileptic seizures robbed her of everything and no medication  helped. She lost all skills and this was a very difficult time for us all. 

Alexa fought through all these challenges and with complimentary natural medicine she started to respond much better and started to heal and regain some basic skills. She had to relearn things like drinking from a cup, weight bearing and rolling over, and now she is finally strong enough to start doing intensive blocks of therapy to develop her gross motor skills. 

Therefore, to achieve her dream of walking, Alexa needs treatment at a Warsaw therapy centre that specialises in neurological movement disorders and rehabilitation that are tailored to her specific needs. The goal of Medek therapy (CME) is to develop functional motor control in order to achieve independence. This is done through muscle stimulation using dynamic exercises, challenging postural reactions with exposure to gravity. The goal is to gain better more co-ordinated body control, balance and strength. 

Alexa has fought through life’s hardships like a warrior. She has faced adversity but shone through with nothing but sheer determination and smiles. 

Alexa adores the sea and her dream is to walk along the beach one day with her feet in the sand. She does not wish to be wheelchair bound for the rest of her life when there is a very good chance that intensive therapy a few times a year can help her muscles stay strong. 

We now have a vibration board at home to keep her muscles stronger but she will need the professional therapy input regularly to stay healthy so that her development does not regress. Movement disorders like Alexa’s need regular input for life. 

We are fundraising for Just4Children to give Alexa the chance of becoming independent. She deserves it after what she has been through. Many children can naturally play, walk and run and my child has to fight for this ability which many take for granted. Alexa will be so happy if she can achieve her dream and live a quality healthy life. 

Hugs from Alexa x