Yasmin’s Life Saving Surgery

Yasmin’s neck is very unstable and causing damage to her spine and brain resulting in issues in all her body. She needs life saving surgery in Barcelona as soon as possible.

Yasmin is from Staffordshire and needs to have life saving surgery to fuse her neck. Without this she will continue to deteriorate and slowly lose all physical and mental function. This surgery is unfortunately not available in the UK, so she needs to go to a specialist team in Barcelona. However, this comes at a big cost of approximately £75,000. plus additional hospital costs which could rise in excess of £100,000 hence the increase in the target

She is only 15 and doesnt want to lose her life to something treatable. She has lost a lot of her childhood to her medical conditions, but she doesnt want to lose any more and just wants to enjoy her life the best she can. She currently has no decent life and spends most of her time at home and in bed as her pain and symptoms are so severe. Her life will remain on hold until she has this surgery.

Yasmin has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which is a genetic disorder that causes a defect in the collagen she produces. Collagen is in all organs and soft tissue of the body, so it affects all part of her body. She also has Mast Cell Activation Syndrome which means it is difficult for her to tolerate many things from food to medication.

The past few years Yasmins health has slowly and very painfully deteriorated and she has recently been diagnosed with Atlanto-Axial Instability, Cervical Instability and Superior Odontoid Migration which basically means that her cervical spine is unstable, the vertebras are slipping out of place and her spine is pushing against her skull and brain. This was caused by a trauma but unfortunately due to her EDS and lack of immediate treatment it has not repaired and is slowly getting worse.

Yasmin desperately needs your help, so please donate and share this to help raise the funds to change her life.

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