Theo’s Fight

To raise funds for pioneering treatments and therapies along with specialist equipment to help Theo’s quality of life.

Theo is aged 20 months from West Kirby in the Wirral. Our little fighter Theo survived a severe brain injury at birth and suffered numerous seizures following the cooling treatment which failed. We want to help him in his future challenge to improve his quality of life.

Theo was starved of oxygen needing over seven minutes resuscitation and suffered a severe brain injury resulting in quadriplegic cerebral palsy. We want to help Theo reach his full potential and have an amazing quality of life by raising funds for life changing stem cell treatment and specialised equipment outside of the NHS, including intensive hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

Theo is the biggest fighter we know with every little thing he does being a challenge. He has the biggest smile and is the happiest little boy who deserves a chance of the life he was once robbed of. There are numerous therapies and pioneering treatments available, but they are not accessible on the NHS and the expense is very high. Not only will Theo need this treatment, he will also need specialist equipment. This is why we as Theo’s parents and family want to launch ‘Theo’s Fight’ Campaign.

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