Team Bonnie

Just4Children want to help provide MAES Therapy for Bonnie so that she can improve her mobility and lead a fuller life.

Welcome to Team Bonnie. This page has been created to support Bonnie and raise money to support her journey. Our current aim is to provide Bonnie with ongoing Maes Therapy to improve her mobility. Following some amazing progress at some introductory sessions we can see a real benefit in Bonnie continuing this treatment.

A little on the gorgeous Bonnie. Bonnie is aged 2 from Witham in Essex. Following complications at birth and a Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (which means lack of oxygen to the brain) Bonnie was diagnosed with severe brain damage and Quad Dystonic Cerebral Palsy. She wasn’t given a good chance of survival yet here we are 2 years later with this amazing little girl!

At the moment she is unable to roll, sit, crawl, walk or talk, although she has started babbling recently which is great. She cannot swallow so has a button in her tummy so she can be fed and needs suctioning throughout the day because of her lack of swallow. Unfortunately, she is prone to frequent hospital stays caused by chest infections.

She has a beautiful smile as you can see and loves playing with her two sisters and dog Patrick. If you can help in anyway in enabling us to get Bonnie some therapy, please do show your support through our Facebook page – Team Bonnie.

Many thanks

Team Bonnie x

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