Scarlett’s Sensory Play Garden

Please help Just4Children provide Scarlett with a sensory play garden, asafe andlevel play areato enhance her quality of life.

Scarlett is aged 3 from Tiverton in Devon with a rare eye disease called aniridia which is the absence of the iris in both her eyes. This is incurable and progressive. She also has nystagmus, a condition of involuntary eye movement, which results in reduced and limited vision. In addition to Scarlett’s visual impairment she has early onset of glaucoma too, an eye condition where her optic nerve is damaged by the pressure of the fluid inside her eye.

Scarlett has a garden but it needs to be level and safe due to these issues. A safe and familiar out door play and learning area she will know the layout of with no dangers and hazards in her preferred home environment – as she loves home – will improve her quality of childhood life. It will also give her some vision enjoyment, well being mobility orientation and sensory enhancement.

As her mother I want Scarlett to have a happy carefree memory of childhood in case her sight worsens at least. I worry constantly and feel scared for her future. I want to enhance all her other senses while she is so young. Now is the time!

Please donate and let Scarlett experience all the senses of spring.

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