Oliver’s Scoliosis Journey

Just4Children are raising money to fund a Gensingen brace and Schroth physiotherapy for Oliver to lead a fuller life.

Oliver is from Truro in Cornwall and has been diagnosed with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliisis. This is a curvature of the spine with no known cause. Due to his age (10) he has still lots of growing to do. It is during this time that the curvature is likely to rapidly increase. Oliver’s curve measures a cobb angle of 45.8 degrees.

Oliver’s consultant in Exeter has indicated that his curve is very likely to progress and therefore he would very likely require a full spinal fusion operation within a few years. During this time the NHS would be able to provide a brace which would be worn for around 22 hours per day which may only be able to hold the curve and prevent it from progressing. We’d also be under a ‘watch and wait’ system until Oliver was big enough to be operated on.

After extensive research and advice into other options that are available we have decided that we want to pursue a private treatment option whilst we are in this limbo period. This involves visiting London Orthotic Consultancy on a frequent basis to meet with a Schroth Physiotherapist and Orthotist. They would arrange for Oliver to have a Gensingen brace which is a three dimensional over-corrective brace which has a proven track record of reducing scoliosis curvatures and spinal rotations.

Alongside this Oliver would receive specialist Schroth physiotherapy which works on postural alignment and awareness complimenting the brace technology.

There is a very good chance that with this intensive treatment Oliver may even be able to avoid spinal fusion surgery in the near future although there are no guarantees. We feel we have to try these options to give Oliver the best chance of enjoying a good quality of life. We have successfully raised enough funds for Oliver’s initial brace and physio, however the funds we would like to raise now would be to help towards costs of the next brace and the consultancy fees. This is likely to be ongoing as he grows and needs bigger braces.

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