Marshall’s Mini Movements

Just4Children want to be able to give Marshall the best opportunities to help towards his development and to push beyond the boundaries to get him up on his feet and walking.

Marshall is from Gloucester and was born in 2016 not breathing and after 13 minutes of life saving work by the magnificent NHS staff Marshall took his first breath. Shortly afterwards he started having seizures.

Marshall then spent 2 weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) where his seizures increased in activity. Marshall became unstable and was sent to Bristol Children’s Hospital via ambulance. While in Bristol lots of tests were undertaken and different medications prescribed but these were not effective and he continued to have seizures throughout the days and nights. Marshall’s seizures had risen to at least 60 a day and some lasting 2 hours.

This was very much our lives for the next 5 months.

We did make it home on a few occasions, one being Christmas day and it was the best gift we could have received.

While continuing to wait for results Marshall became so unwell that he had to be resuscitated. At this point our future didn’t look so bright.

Finally, the results came back from Marshall’s epilepsy gene panel which revealed a heterozygous mutation in the KCNQ2 gene. Changes in the sequences of potassium channel genes alter the electrical excitability of nerve cells in the brain so epilepsy and developmental delay are common results. Having a diagnosis gave the doctors a clearer idea on the correct medication meaning Marshall’s seizures are somewhat now under control.

Marshall was then diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy days after his 2nd birthday. This was no surprise and after all Marshall had been through he had become a fighter and a happy smiley boy.

Marshall has already beaten the odds and his development has shocked us all.

To be able to continue with therapies, purchase equipment needed and possible future operations Just4Children are starting this campaign in the hope that people will see Marshall’s plight and help him along his journey.

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