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Joshua is 6 years old from Liverpool with cerebral palsy. He will be having SDR surgery shortly and will need intense physiotherapy to help him get his strength back over the next few years.

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Joshua is 6 years old from Liverpool with cerebral palsy.He will be having SDR surgery shortlyand will need intense physiotherapyto help him get his strength back over the next few years.

Joshua was born 12 weeks pre term, weighing just over 2lbs which is about the same as a bag of sugar! He spent the next 3 months in NICU fighting for his life.

We were so happy the day we could finally bring him home. After 3 days of Joshua being at home he had suddenly stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated. We were back in hospital for another 2 weeks. Joshua had contracted meningitis.

At the age of 2 years old we became increasingly worried that he was not meeting his milestones- simple things such as sitting and weight bearing. We voiced our concerns and we were back at the hospital again. An MRI scan revealed Joshua had PVL (damage to the white matter in the brain) and in turn had led to Joshua having cerebralpalsy.

We were distraught by this news, uncertain of what the future would hold for our baby boy.

Over the years, despite not being able to walk independently, Joshua has relentlessly shown great determination and has grown from strength to strength every day. We are so proud of how Joshua remains such a positive boy, loved by everyone.

He is now at a crucial age to undergo SDR surgery, which entails sensory rootlets in the spinal cord being cut permanently to eliminate the spasticity (tightness) in his legs. After this life-changing operation, Joshua will require intense physio for the next 2-4 years to build up strength in his legs to -WALK, JUMP, RUN- all the things we take for granted.

We appreciate all support no matter how big or small. Your support and donation can help Joshua’s dreams come true.

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