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Please support Just4Children to raise funds to help Joey reach his full potential in life.

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Please support Just4Children to raise funds to help Joey reach his full potential in life.

Joey is the most determined 6 year old I have ever met!

Joey made a dramatic entrance into the world on the 9th April 2013. He was born completely unresponsive and was resuscitated for 11 minutes. He went on to spend the first 5 weeks of his little life in special care fighting every day.

Joey had early mri scans which confirmed a diagnosis of dyskinetic cerebral palsy (damage to the area of the brain that controls movement and control) and low muscle tone caused by the period of time he went without oxygen when he was first born.

Since the day he was born Joey has always been a fighter and continues to amaze us all.

Joey is currently in an amazingly supportive mainstream school and has a lovely group of friends. Joey has 1:1 support throughout his school day.
He can walk for short distances using a kaye walker frame and uses a self propelled wheelchair.

Joey currently has weekly self funded private therapy and termly physiotherapy through the NHS. Joey participates in horse riding for the disabled (RDA), hippo therapy sessions (use of horse riding therapy to improve coordination, balance and strength) and has recently started kaye walker football which he absolutely loves!

The NHS are very limited on what equipment and therapy they are able to fund. Equipment and private therapy is very costly! We would love to raise money for Just4Children to fund ongoing private therapy and equipment for Joey.

We are currently focused on taking Joey to the Bobath Centre for an intensive 2 week therapy block which costs £3900! Joey has also recently been assessed for suitable seating in our motability vehicle. However, we have been unable to obtain a grant towards this swivel chair which costs £3227.

Please help us to help our very special little boy who deserves nothing more than the best treatment and equipment for him to be able to reach his maximum potential in life!

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