Joshua’s Home

Just4Children are raising money to provide Joshua, a spirited little boy, with a home that can accommodate his current complex needs and adapt to his future physical and mental demands.

Joshua is a three (soon to be four) year old boy from West Sussex who has Global Development Delay, Quad Cerebral Palsy, Cerebral Visual Impairment (severe visual impairment), Epilepsy, mixed muscle tone and more.

Joshua was born by emergency c-section just two hours away from dying. Thanks to a mother’s (Louise’s) instinct and quick work by the doctors, we were blessed with Joshua. After almost 3 weeks in intensive care we bought him home.

However, Joshua’s first four years have been spent in and out of hospital’s working with over 30 specialists to ensure he gets the best possible start in life.

When we were first told of Joshua’s complex needs and given a prognosis that he would not live beyond his teens, hopes and dreams for the future left us. We were facing the unknown – and to what end?

Joshua, though, is a spirited little boy who fights every day making us realise that we have to focus on the here and now, one day at a time. Hopes and dreams for the future haven’t left us, we just make the best of what we have, providing the best foundation and setting for Joshua to thrive. We ensure Joshua gets through every day as happy and as contented as possible and that every day he knows he is loved. This will never change.

Joshua is battle hardened from a complex start to life and takes everything in his developing stride. As Joshua has got older, it has become very clear that our house requires significant adaptations. We live in a semi-detached Victorian house built on a slope which means it has small rooms on different levels and many stairs, not ideal for Joshua and his equipment.

We need funds to provide Joshua with a home that can cater for and adapt to his needs as he grows, giving him much needed support, independence and confidence to take on the world. The adaptations will also ease the physical pressure on us enabling us to concentrate on other aspects of Joshua’s development.

Just4Children hope to be able to provide Joshua with a living space, bedroom and wet-room he can access independently. It will be an environment within which he can learn more about the world around him, learn more about himself and give him the basic quality of life he deserves. Who knows, it may be the catalyst toward him one day making one un-aided step!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

Bless you

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