Jos the Boss!

Just4Children are raising funds for equipment and therapies to help Jos aged one from Hackney reach his potential.

Jos was born on 14th October 2018. He suffered both a stroke and a lack of oxygen during birth, leaving him with severe brain damage to both sides of the brain. He has since been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

Whilst in NICU we heard the words that no parent should ever have to hear – that Jos was unlikely to breathe for himself and in the unlikely event that he did, he would be left severely disabled. Later that day Jos pulled his ventilation tube out and started breathing on his own, defying all the odds.

Jos has continued to defy the odds. He started smiling at 6 weeks old (surprising all the doctors) and hasn’t stopped since (both smiling and surprising doctors!).

Jos’s brain injuries mean that the future and his prognosis is unknown but what we do know is Jos is a fighter – he is Jos the Boss! We want to give Jos every opportunity to continue to defy the odds and live his life to the full. Early intervention in children with brain injuries is key and as a result we have spent much of Jos’s life researching and undergoing many different therapy programmes such as intensive physiotherapy, a neuro-plasticity programme and a feeding clinic in Austria.

Jos has an enormous amount of potential and has responded amazingly to therapy so far – he started eating 3 days into his time at the Austrian clinic and returned without his NG tube, successfully weaned. Unfortunately much of the therapy and equipment Jos needs is not available on the NHS and we are currently self-funding it all.

We are fundraising to raise funds for equipment Jos may need in the future and to enable us to continue with our private therapies. Our next aim is to take Jos to Napa, the world leading therapy centre for children with cerebral palsy in America and Australia. We’re aiming high for our boy and all donations will help us help him continue to thrive!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jos the Boss xx

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