Help Sacha prove DNA isn’t destiny!

Sacha is two and a half and lives in Brighton. He has a rare genetic disorder called 2q37 deletion syndrome. This means he is likely to grow up with cognitive disabilities and physical difficulties.

DNA need not always be destiny. If one intervenes in the right way — and early enough in a child’s development — it is possible to substantially improve prospects. This is because there are lots of environmental factors that affect the way our genetic predispositions actually play out, and because the brain is at its most plastic in the early years.

Though the services of the cash-strapped NHS are invaluable, what is available to Sacha is too little and too infrequent to make a real difference. We are thus fundraising for Just4Children to cover early interventions on both physical and cognitive levels, in the hope that action now will help minimise some of the more disabling effects of Sacha’s condition.

Sacha started having intensive therapy when he was one and completely unable to move. After his first treatment he was able to stand; following his second he took his first steps; with his third he became more confident and engaged. He is literally a walking demonstration of the life-changing effectiveness of intensive early intervention, but there is still a long way to go. We are thus fundraising to keep this remarkable path of development going for another year.

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