Breaking Down Barriers with Brynn

Brynn is an active 14 year old from Mid Yell in the Shetland Isles who needs an active lightweight wheelchair to help him break down the barriers and limitations he faces in his current wheelchair.

My name is Kim and I am a single mum of two wonderful children, Brynn and Faith. I have started this campaign to raise £6,666 to purchase a lightweight active wheelchair for my son Brynn to help him break down the barriers and limitations he faces in his current wheelchair. Never been one to let his mobility get him down, Brynn loves adventures, the great outdoors, archery, skiing and a whole new accessible world awaits him with this new wheelchair.

Brynn was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 5, and then ADHD and brittle asthma. Since he took his first steps he has always been on the go and a tip toe walker, running around and eager to discover different places. At the age of 11 Brynn’s mobility started to cause him problems with cramps, tight muscles and tremors in both legs. Even with the help of physio and using orthotics his condition worsened and now Brynn is unable to put his feet flat to floor at 0° due to having fixed ankle contractures meaning both of his ankles are frozen at 40°.

Although struggling with poor balance, pains, cramps and tremors in both lower legs, Brynn has never let it get him down and instead focuses his energy seeking new ways to continue doing the things he loves. At the age of 7 Brynn was a great skier and when he could no longer use ski boots with a set of skis, instead of giving up he learnt how to use a mono ski! Impressive right!

Brynn currently uses an NHS wheelchair to get him out and about outside the home and relies on family and friends to help push him around as the wheelchair is heavy and awkward. Brynn would love to be able to be more independent and free like his friends and, with this new wheelchair adapted for him, he can be! With attachments to lift his front coasters off the ground he can go off road and join in with family walks and hikes amongst the great outdoors. Determined to not just sit back and watch, Brynn wants to challenge himself and push his own limits to the max!

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