Amelia – Living with Cerebral Palsy

Just4Children need your support raising funds to help Amelia to improve her life, by funding medical appointments, specialised equipment and home adaptions.

Amelia is aged 5 from Merstham. At just two weeks old she contracted an infection in her blood and was in and out of hospital for most of her first year. As a consequence of the infection and seizures Amelia suffered brain damage and has now been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

Our lowest point came when Amelia was 3 years old and a medical professional told us that our daughter may never walk!  My wife has dedicated time every day of Amelia’s life to maximize her potential to walk, completing exercises to make her stronger and to ensure she is as independent as possible.

As she needs those exercises every day we are considering to lose most part of our garden, and get a therapy shed build, so she can get a place with all the gym equipment , so she can do all the exercise she needs , as there isn’t a lot of space in the house for it.

Amelia still needs constant support as she will fall multiple times every day. She needs a wheelchair for school trips or long walks as her way of walking is very tiring.

Amelia sees an NHS Physiotherapist to advise on exercise, her walking and any equipment she might need, but now she has started school the time for physio is not enough.

We need assistance to access specialized medical treatment and equipment and if necessary to do home improvements to help with her independence.

Amelia’s leg muscles are tight from spasticity and this may mean further operations and equipment as she grows, more equipment to help her with her day to day life, at home, school and outside, so she can be more independent.

We just want for our daughter to grow up to be a normal kid, and we will never give up, doing whatever is necessary for her to have a brilliant future.

We thank you for helping to make life easier for our daughter Amelia.

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