A Brighter Future for Evelina

Fundraising for therapies and equipment to help Evelina reach her full potential after brain injury at birth.

Evelina was born in July 2018 at 40 weeks. She was stillborn. Her first heartbeat was heard at 17 minutes and 46 seconds.

On Evelina’s second day a consultant said words that no parent wants to hear: “Evelina has severe brain damage. She will most likely have motor, cognitive, vision and hearing problems”. We asked, “Is she going to die?” “I would say she has a 50/50 chance at this point”.

It was 5 and a half weeks before Evelina came home from NICU and now, at 9 months, our fighter is really showing us what she’s made of.

We don’t know if Evelina will be able to sit, stand or walk. She might not talk. She doesn’t eat by mouth. She doesn’t smile. She’s on five medications and she has developing Cerebral Palsy, visual impairment, involuntary spasms and seizures.

BUT Evelina has already done more than they ever expected of her, amazing us everyday with her determination.

She now eats a few spoonfuls by mouth. She plays, reaches and grabs. She tracks and has started to look us in the eye! We use basic sign language and she can tell us that she wants her nappy changed. She loves textured books where she can reach for things. It takes her a while but once she gets it, she goes for it! She loves cause and effect apps.

We’re doing all we can so that Evelina can reach her full potential in every area of her life and have the most independent life that she is able to. Alongside daily and NHS therapy we visit a private physio weekly and a brain plasticity therapy twice yearly. We recently self funded a GoTo seat meaning she can go in a swing at the park, which is so exciting!

Evelina never gave up and neither will we.

We’re fundraising for Physio, Speech and Language, HBOT, Hydrotherapy, Equipment and adapted toys and Brain Plasticity therapy coming to over £20k a year.

Your help to give Evelina the support she needs to thrive is appreciated more than we’ll ever be able to tell you.

Thank you,

Evelina, Hayley and Gareth

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