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Just4Children is raising money for Alice to have potentially life-changing SDR surgery and other therapies and equipment that are not available on the NHS.

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"From Wendy kindleysides, Old Buck country park and old buck high school 😁🤗"
£40.00 from Suz Fenn
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"£5 from an unknown cyclist we met afterwards an £2 from an unknown lady 😊 people are kind!"
£7.00 from Suz Fenn
"Good luck Charlie!"
£10.00 from Sarah Matthews
"Very Proud indeed - raising such a great amount of money for a fantastic cause! Well done!"
£21.00 from Jack Fenn
"Good luck Charlie love Nana and Grandad xxxx"
£21.00 from Suz Fenn
£10.00 from Tomasz Kopczewski
"Good luck!"
£5.00 from Rae Warren
"Great cause and Good luck!!! :)"
£10.50 from Rob Jones
"Here you go, I think that gets you to your target. Well done! Have a great ride"
£43.00 from Duncan Skinner
"Good luck Charlie and family, sounds like a great cause!"
£10.50 from Lauren Jones
£21.00 from Gregory Clark
"What an amazing thing to do! The thoughtfulness and the dedication, the training and the actual doing it.. fantastic stuff - well done Charlie. From Helen, Russ, Zac & Cara."
£10.50 from Helen James
"All the best with your bike ride Charlie. I know you can do it! Pauline xxx"
£10.50 from Pauline Lester
"From James & Lauren 😀"
£2.00 from Jo Neale
"Good luck Charlie! What an amazing thing to do!"
£10.50 from K Saunders
"Well done Charlie, you superstar! Xx"
£10.50 from Kate Thurston
"Well done Charlie...from the Cattermole's"
£10.50 from Sue Cattermole
"You are awesome Charlie! Such an amazing thing to do :) Good luck! x"
£20.00 from Sarah Lee
"Well done Charlie. Such an amazing thing to do. Good luck Dec, Mandy, Shan and Clodagh xxx"
£20.00 from Amanda Lohan
"Thanks to Kong and Ben at Cafe Cadence 😁😁😁"
£10.50 from Suz Fenn
"Good Luck, Charlie! Love from, Nana Jean and Grandad Ted. Xx"
£10.50 from Jean and Ted
"We are so proud of you, Charlie. Riding the 70 for Alice is an amazing thing to do. With much love, Mum, Dad and Ellie. Xxx"
£100.00 from Aubrey Fenn
"Such am inspirational young man. Good luck Charlie. Hope it’s a bit cooler for you on the day. 😘"
£10.00 from AL Brown
"What a fabulous thing to do. Good luck and well done. Love The Fisks xxx"
£10.00 from Andrea Fisk
"Go Charlie, what an amazing thing to do! 😁"
£5.25 from k Trevarthen
"Good luck! 🙂"
£10.50 from Kezia Baxter Guest
"Go Charlie go 👍 😎"
£73.50 from Julian Badcock
"Good Luck but know you will do it. X"
£10.50 from Nancy House
"Good luck and look forward to hearing how you get on!!"
£HIDDEN from Anonymous
"You can do it Charlie! I’m so proud of you!"
£20.00 from Amy Fenn
"Good luck Charlie I admire you very much.xx"
£10.50 from Anne Seager
"You’re awesome- go for it!"
£15.00 from Peter Marshall
"Great stuff Charlie. Put some jelly babies in your pocket!"
£5.00 from Sam Cutler
"Good luck Charlie xxx"
£10.00 from Nicola Walker

Just4Children is raising money for Alice to have potentially life-changing SDR surgery and other therapies and equipment that are not available on the NHS.

Alice is aged 3 from Norwich. She was born 11 weeks premature, one of twins. At 9 months old Alice was diagnosed with a form of Cerebral Palsy that affects her whole body. This means that her brain is not able to effectively control her muscles, which become very stiff. She won’t be able to walk, has difficulty using her arms and hands, and is not able to speak. Alice is, however, very bright, and full of personality.

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Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) is a specialist spinal surgery, not available on the NHS, that may reduce pain, improve sleep, enable Alice to sit independently, improve her ability to use her hands and help her to speak. It could make the difference between her attending mainstream school or not. It will also reduce the number of other surgeries she will need.

Any funds raised will be used for SDR or other therapies that are not offered by the NHS, for example Bobath and Vojta therapies, hydrotherapy, or hippotherapy; or used towards essential home adaptations and equipment.

Thank you

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